The Restaurant was refurbished in May 2015 and has a seating capacity of 75 pax. It offers a wide range of dishes in its Ala-Carte Menu ranging from Western, Eastern, Chinese etc. to other local specialities.

Rules & Guidelines

A Dress Code or Minimum Standards of Dress and Conduct are operative within the Restaurant. Members are advised to familiarise themselves with these rules and to abide by them when they patronise the Restaurant.

The Management of the Club reserves to itself the right to refuse entry to or exclude any person who does not abide by these rules. Members are also advised that it is their responsibility to ensure that any Guest brought/invited by them to the Restaurant conforms to these rules of Dress and Conduct.

  1. The minimum standard of Dress to enter the Restaurant is SMART CASUAL for both Ladies& Gentlemen.
  2. Persons who have played games or engaged themselves in exercises shall not enter the Restaurant dressed in the same attire they played or exercised in.
  3. No person shall bring Sports Equipment and/or Sports Equipment Bags into the Restaurant.
  4. Collared Shirts, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Long & Short Trousers, Jeans, with Closed Footwear, leather Slippers/Slip-ons and/or Sandals will be acceptable attire for Men.
  5. Members or their Guests shall not move any of the furniture in the Restaurant. If movement of any furniture becomes necessary, a member of the Staff must be requested to do so.
  6. Singing or the playing of any Music within or outside the Restaurant by any Member or his Guest is prohibited.
  7. The Management will have the right to limit the number of Guests a Member may bring in to the Restaurant depending on the availability of space.
  8. All persons must leave the Restaurant no later than 15 minutes after closing time.

The Management of the Club solicits the cooperation of all Members to the due observance of these Rules so that all Patrons may enjoy the amenities and ambience on offer in the Restaurant.