1. Only Swimming Members are allowed to use the facilities of the Swimming Section.

2. Given the present situation, until further notice, no Guests will be allowed to use the Swimming Facilities.

3. Before entering the Swimming Pool section everyone will have their temperature checked and would need to thoroughly wash their hands and sanitize their footwear at the Club Reception area before entering the Swimming Section.

4. Members should not be using the Swimming Pools if they have had any symptoms of a fever or cold/sore throat for a week or more prior to coming to the pool or if they are feeling unwell at the time of using the Swimming Pool.

5. All those who enter the Swimming Section must wear a face mask at all times when not in the pool or using the showers.

6. All those who are using the facilities of the Swimming Section must maintain the recommended social distancing of at least 2 metres at all times, whether in the changing rooms, showers and where possible, even in the pool itself.

7. As it is necessary to maintain a record of all members using the pool, it is compulsory that all those entering the changing rooms enter their Membership Number, Name, contact Telephone number and the Time of entering, in the Registration Book that is kept with the Pool Attendant at the entrance desk of the changing rooms.

8. The Changing Rooms are only for the use of those who have come to use the Pool facilities.

9. Due to the need to restrict the numbers and to maintain social distancing for the safety and welfare of pool users, no non-swimming member will be given access to the changing rooms.

10. In order to ensure social distancing, at any one time only six (6) members will be allowed to use the Changing Rooms and four (4) members the Showers. Those in the Changing Room must ensure that they leave within 10 minutes or earlier, to enable others to use the changing facilities.

11. Those in the Changing facilities must ensure that their clothes and their belongings are kept securely in close proximity to themselves and they must wear their face mask at all times whilst in the room.

12. Due to the time restriction in the use of the changing room, members will not be allowed to waste time shaving or brushing their teeth in the changing room.

13. As the number of persons allowed into the Swimming Section is limited, please ensure that social interaction is restricted to the minimum and others access to the available pool usage is not blocked by those inside entering into lengthy conversations.

14. Before entering the swimming pools all users must have a complete shower, thoroughly soaping themselves from head to foot for at least three (3) minutes.

15. The big pool (33 1/3 m) will be for the use of length swimmers. In order to ensure that those swimming lengths do not swim astray and block another swimmer in another lane, lane ropes will be employed demarcating the different lanes. The middle lanes should be used by competent swimmers while the corner lanes are more suitable for swimmers who are less proficient in the water.

16. The 25m pool will not have the lane ropes installed as this will be used for beginners and those swimmers swim across the pool at most times.

17. The maximum number of swimmers in either pool at any given time will be restricted to eighteen (18).

18. All swimmers should wear goggles to protect their eyes and swimmers should please ensure that they do not blow their noses or spit into the pool or into the surrounding areas. Personal hygiene is of paramount importance for the safety of all users of the pools. If one feels the need to relieve one's self, then please go to the changing room and do so.

19. The maximum number of persons (other than the pool staff) allowed inside the Swimming Section will be restricted to forty (40) any one time.

20. A parent or guardian accompanying a child will have to ensure that they meet all of the above requirements. Any accompanying adult must remain in the allotted seating arranged for them.

21. Given the time restrictions and need for tight controls, the Swimming Section will close daily at 6.00 pm.

Swimming House Committee


Swimming as a sport at SSC is enjoyed by both young and the old with a membership strength of over 3900. Training and coaching facilities to diverse age groups, equipped with state of the art pumping, cleaning equipment, hot water shower facilities, dressing room facilities, experienced staff, makes the pool section a safe, secure and a comfortable place to enjoy the sport.


  • Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Diving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Changing rooms with individual cubicles
  • Showers with individual cubicles
  • Washrooms
  • Pavilion

Please contact the SSC office between 8 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday, and from 8.30 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays for pool reservations.