1. SSC Gymnasium will reopen on 8th June 2020.
2. Gymnasium will be operational from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm. Members will need to enter the gym latest by 5.00 pm and leave by 6.00 pm.
3. Wearing a RESPIRATORY mask throughout the workout will be mandatory. Members are advised to ensure that they wear a RESPIRATORY MASK during workout to support proper breathing and to avoid difficulties during workouts. However, members are also strictly advised to determine their own pace / time spent on working out in the gym and refrain from exerting excessive pressure on yourself. You are responsible for your health and safety. Masks will NOT be provided by the club / gym.
4. A maximum of only 20 members will be allowed in the gymnasium at any given time, i.e 10 members in the cardio section and 10 members in the weights section.
5. The limited number of members will be taken in only on ‘first come – first serve’ basis.
6. Each member gets a maximum of 2 hours to workout. Each member will be allowed only a maximum of 1 hour in each of the sections. Less time spent in one section cannot be carried forward to the other section nor to another day.
7. Weights exercises will be restricted to a maximum of 35Kg
8. Where there are multiple machines, every other machine will be switched off to ensure distancing. (These machines will be rotated in usage to avoid veruse).
9. Members must bring a clean towel of not less than 2ftx4ft in size.
10. Towels will not be provided by the gym. Please remember, NO TOWEL, NO ENTRY TO THE GYM.
11. Members are advised to bring their own bottles of water or refill at the dispenser. No glasses / tumblers will be provided by the Gym.
12. Members are advised to wipe the equipment before and after use.
13. Sanitizer dispensers are available at the entrances and inside the gym. Members are advised to ensure that they use sanitizer after use of equipment and as required.
14. Shower facilities in the gym will NOT be available, temporarily.
15. There will be no stretching or assistance by trainers that require body contact (a temporary measure).
16. Each member will be registered each time they enter the gym prior to workout and a selfdeclaration form will need to be completed and duly signed by the member.
17. The above measures have been taken for safety of all members and we look forward to your cooperation.



SSC Gymnasium was inaugurated in year 2003 to give the membership a fully-fledged physical training facility. Currently Gym has over to 600 members actively using on a regular basis. In year 2018 the Gymnasium was given a complete refurbishment which introduced better facilities and created a modern ambience for the members.

Some of the refurbishment included the expansion of rest room areas to provide  members with convenient changing and showering facilities at all times. Lighting was completely changed whilst the floor and walls were done-up with a modern finish to keep up with current trends.


  • Separate cardio section 
  • Separate weight training section
  • Assisted by well-trained 7 Gym instructors.
  • Well-maintained gymnasium equipment

the committee also has plans to give members more value additions such as Zumba and Aerobics programmes in the near future. 

Rules and Guidelines for using the SSC Gymnasium

Opening time  – 5.00 AM – 9.00 PM Daily.

Latest Events

The following activities and events were carried out in 2017/18 organized by the Gym Committee. 


  • Fitness Competition
  • Gym Night